Winnipeg's finest roofing company. With over 20 years experience and consistent customer service, Urban Roof Inc. is dedicated to supplying and installing only the highest quality roofing solutions.

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Urban Roof Inc. is based in Winnipeg MB. With over 20 years of roofing experience, Urban Roof Inc. is dedicated to satisfying the all the roofing needs and concerns of our clients. We supply and install the best possible roofing materials with a very competitive pricing policy, providing the best solution for all roofing needs. We have extensive experience in metal roofing systems as well as asphalt shingles, cedar and enviroshake,  and guarantee that the material you choose will be installed professionally and with your budget in mind.


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Metal Roofing Systems
Asphalt Shingles
Soffits, Fascia and Eavestroughs

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